Which German Cars are Most Reliable?

One of the reasons Americans love European cars is their reliability. While German vehicles are often chosen to be “fun cars” than reliable, these can easily check both boxes, and are known to be ultra reliable day in and day out when properly serviced and maintained. In addition, they have the interior comforts and ease of driving that you come to expect from high class options.

BMW 3 Series

Originally released in the 70s, the 3 series has remained BMWs most popular and iconic vehicle on the road today. What’s special about the 3 series is that it sits at a coveted midpoint between practicality and enjoyability. This is only amplified by the fact that there are many trims and options available to fit the needs of almost anyone. Because these models are so well loved and taken care of, it’s not uncommon to models from the 80s and 90s still on the road today. They are built to last many miles and are often the first to see innovations in design and technology.

Volkswagen Golf

The legendary Volkswagen Golf is an absolute go-to for car enthusiasts that are looking for something reliable, classic and fun. It’s known well for it’s hatchback shape which offers more room than a traditional sedan. Because it is such a well known car and loved by enthusiasts, there’s so much information available about repairing and maintaining these vehicles. It’s definitely common to see models from all years on the road today, and is great as a city car or for exploring the countryside.

Audi A4

If you spend enough time in New England you’ll notice that these models dominate the road in the winter. Audi was an early pioneer of the all wheel drive system and it shows in their vehicles capabilities today. These cars are not only ultra reliable and sporty, but also spacious for sedans and sport a very fair fuel economy for their class.

Mercedes C-Class

The C-Class is Mercedes' answer to the BMW's 3 Series, which has owned the category for quite some time. In case you were wondering, C stands for competition and the sports appeal of these cars is immediately apparent. That being said, if properly serviced and taken care of, they are known to last well over 200k miles.

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