Eurovan Repairs & Maintenance

Eurovans were introduced back in 1990 as being the first transporter to have a front-mounted, water-cooled engine. In the United States, these vehicles were sold from 1992 – 2003. and many are still on the road today! Around the world, the Eurovan has somewhat of a cult following, where owners sometimes gather for meetings at different location across the globe.

Our shop owner Damon is an expert with these vehicles. Not only does he know them in/out, up and down, but he also drives one. People who seek to own them, take pride in them. So its important to have a facility that can properly and knowledgeably service and repair them as fewer and fewer shops have the knowledge and expertise of these vehicles for proper maintenance and repair.

While Eurovans are known for being pretty reliable vehicles, they can still have issues that arise from time to time. It can be a challenge to find a trustworthy repair shop that specializes in servicing Eurovans.

Regular Maintenance

It's always best practice to keep up on your regular maintenance schedules that are outlined by Volkswagen. Some items like getting an oil change should be done every 3k miles while others (like changing spark plugs) will vary depending on mileage driven. Our technicians are very familiar with these vehicle's systems and can provide quality service for anything you may need!

You may also want to consider upgrading or modifying certain things about your van like adding auxiliary lighting or changing out the interior light bulbs (to LED).

Ignition Coils Failure

Alternator Failure can happen to anyone and we won't judge you for needing those types of repairs, we will be happy to get them fixed on your car as quickly as possible! We love Eurovans and we're sure the next owner of this van does too.

Diesel Engine Issues (common on Eurovans with diesel engines)

When it comes time to do repairs, you may need special tools and/or skills to complete the repair. When this does happen you want a shop that can recognize when they are in over their heads. If they make the wrong diagnosis or use the wrong parts to fix your vehicle, it can set you back financially when you have to pay to fix what was initially missed! There is nothing worse than paying for a repair only to find out later that a faulty part caused the issue in the first place.

Do your research before choosing a Eurovan specialist for repairs!

Eurovans are not as common as other vehicles on the road. This means fewer shops have experience with them, and if they do, they may not be located near you. Eurovan owners want to make sure they find a shop that is knowledgeable about their European car and understand the pride of ownership Eurovan drivers take in their vehicle. It's always best practice to do some basic research by finding out what kind of training was provided to technicians at the shop you're considering doing work at. You can also search online for customer feedback or reviews from previous customers who have used that facility for service or repair.