Transmissions are some of the most complex pieces of machinery you’ll find in a vehicle. They are complex assemblies that take the energy the engine generates and transfers it to wheels. Depending on how high or low the selected gear is, the transmission will generate lower end torque or a higher speed. Over the years, even normal use can cause wear and tear on the transmission, often because of unwanted particles getting into the transmission fluid. Clean transmission fluid is one of the easiest and best ways to maintain your transmission and ensure it lasts a long time. If your vehicle feels like it randomly changes gears while driving, or you notice struggling accelerations, these are signs your transmission is slipping and needs to be serviced.

BMW Transmission Repair Services

BMW has a strong reputation for building performance and luxury cars that are reliable and enjoyable. They’ve pioneered dozens of emerging technologies, including turbocharging and advanced electronics. We offer transmission maintenance and repair services for all BMW years and models, including both manual and automatic transmissions. We check for leaks, drain the current transmission fluid, Install new pan gaskets and filters, and replace transmission fluids.

Audi Transmission Repair Services

Throughout its history in the automotive industry, Audi has employed the use of a few different manu manufacturers for their transmissions. Most recently, many have been manufactured by ZF Industries. We offer transmission maintenance and repair services for all Audi years and models, including manual and automatic transmissions. If your transmission is slipping or your gears are changing at an inappropriate time, have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible as transmission issues can cause danger.

Volkswagen Transmission Repair Services

Volkswagen vehicles have a reputation for being long lasting and great commuter cars. While transmission repairs on these vehicles can be complicated, the experts at German Auto Sport have years of experience and can have your vehicle serviced quickly and efficiently.

Porsche Transmission Repair Services

Porsche has a long standing reputation of creating exceptional performance vehicles, many of which are driven a bit harder and faster than your everyday commuter car. This can cause wear and tear on the transmission, which might require you to get your vehicle serviced more often. We will change your transmission fluid, check for any leaks and install new pan gaskets and filters if needed.

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