Audi Maintenance & Repair

German Auto Sport provides high level maintenance & repair services to all Audi vehicles. Audi is a member of the “German big 3” which also include BMW and Mercedes Benz. The German 3 are the best selling luxury automakers in the world. Here at German Auto Sport, we are proud to offer exceptional services to Audi Automobiles. We provide Audi’s with day-to-day maintenance, oil changes, transmission work, timing belt service, brake repairs, tire rotation and more. Whether you drive an Audi sedan, SUV, crossovers, coupes or convertibles we are happy to help you.

Audi S and RS Models

While all Audi vehicles provide superior performance, S and RS models respectively go above and beyond. These models are specially designed and engineered to provide you with top notch performance, handling, acceleration and speed. They are engineered with more horsepower, quicker transmissions, and more responsive suspension and steering. With these added features, additional expertise is needed to properly take care of these vehicles, to maintain them and to make the most of all they have to offer. Our team at German Auto Sport is passionate about taking care of these high performance vehicles and ensuring that they last for years.

Audi Vintage Vehicles

Like high performance models, vintage Audi’s require a special touch, and you don’t want to have just anyone working on these cars. Between specialty parts, older assemblies and delicate craftsmanship, it’s important that you use an expert who will care for your car as if it’s their own.

Audi Transmission Services

If your vehicle is halting, hesitating to shift, you notice certain gears slipping, you should have your Audi’s transmission serviced immediately. We are proud to offer transmission maintenance and repair services for all Audi vehicles, we will take the time to diagnose and repair the problem no matter how big or small. We highly recommend regularly replacing your transmission fluid to keep your transmission in the best condition possible.

Audi Suspension Services

Your vehicle’s suspension dictates how the vehicle feels and rides on the road. Depending on what Audi you’re driving and how you want your car to feel, we can adjust the suspension to make it more or less tight. We also offer suspension repair services including shock and strut replacements.

Audi Alignment Services

We offer on site alignment services for all vehicles, including Audi, BMWs, Mercedes and VWs. Wheel alignments help you reduce wear and tear on your tires, decrease fuel consumption, and can even help prevent accidents by improving your grip on the road.

Schedule a Service for Your Audi

At German Auto Sport we pride ourselves on our professional services. Feel free to give us a call at (978) 388-1288 or stop by our shop in Amesbury to inquire about how we can help you.