I brought my Volvo wagon to you last week and you replaced the rear wheel bearings. I called b/c of a sound I was hearing on the road and I just listened to Laura’s message in response to my message. I just wanted to thank you for your help. Everything is fine and I think the sound I was hearing was due to the snow tires/wear on the tires. The drive back to Canada was smooth and normal. Thanks again….you run a great shop! (Also, my three year old thinks the flashlight keychain is AMAZING).Julie
I though I’d share with you and Damon my instructor’s comments about my car…. ‘Car very well set up for a dual purpose car, sticks well and feels solid. Not sure I’d change a thing!’ Chris
Isabelle’s BMW 330i ZHP is running fantastic. As always, great service. Thanks!Joe
We recommend these guys. Great service, Thanks!Motorhead Extraordinaire
Great service today Damon – and thanks for helping me to finally get my roof spoiler installedScott
Very professional expert serviceMark
If you want your car detailed, Chris is the best around. I’m not kidding, my car looks like NEW!!! Thank you, Chris!!!Jill