Can I Take a German Car to Any Mechanic?

So you’ve just bought your first foreign car, congratulations! While these vehicles are loved for their road feel, long lasting quality and beautiful design, there is more that goes into taking care of them than a domestic or Japanese vehicle. Whether you’ve just purchased a new vehicle or a vintage classic, learning how to service them is part of the pleasure of owning one, and key to giving your car a long and fulfilling life.

Everyday Maintenance of German Vehicles

You might think that for something as simple as an oil or tire change, any local mechanic is fine. While this could be the case, sometimes it’s best to see an expert in German cars while you’re still becoming familiar with your vehicle. For example, many Audis and BMWs should only be operated with synthetic oil and should never be given regular motor oil. A less experienced mechanic that is used to working on a Ford or Toyota might not be familiar with this rule, which could really upset the functions of your engine.

Do I Need to Service Through My Dealership?

While some are sticklers and insist on only servicing their vehicles through the dealership, we don’t think this is entirely necessary. While you’ll likely get just as good quality service from the dealership as you would from your local specialist, you are definitely signing up to pay much more for virtually the same work, including parts and services. 

Repairs and Maintenance for German Cars

While seeing a German vehicle specialist can be slightly more expensive than your average mechanic at the time, in the long run you will definitely save money by ensuring that your vehicle is receiving the best care by people that know your car model in and out. When it comes to foriegn cars, mistakes can be especially costly and you are better off getting the right maintenance the first time around. On the other hand, you’ll be grateful for the money you save by avoiding the dealership.

How to Find a German Car Specialist Near Me

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