Winter Car Care Tips For Volkswagens

When winter rolls around, it can take a toll on your car - especially in the New England weather. Road conditions can get pretty bad during the dead of winter. If there are any issues with your Volkswagen vehicle before the winter season, you should try to sort them out before the snow and ice take over the roads! There are also some steps to take so you can avoid issues during the winter. Here are some winter car care tips for Volkswagens:

Check Your Tires

When the weather gets colder, your tire pressure tends to drop. You should be making sure your tires have enough pressure to withstand the winter roads. That will help with the safety of both you and your Volkswagen! You should also be checking your tires for wear and tear. They won't grip the icy and snowy roads that well when they are too worn down.

Check Your Battery

When you have a weak battery during the winter, it will most likely be dead soon enough. Be sure to test the strength of your Volkswagen's battery during the winter to make sure it works well enough not to have you breaking down on the side of the road. If you are in need of a battery check, you can count on German AutoSport to help you out. 

Check Your Fluids

Check the fluid levels in your Volkswagen vehicle to be prepared for winter weather. These fluids include windshield fluid, engine oil, antifreeze fluids, and fuel levels. The antifreeze in your car should be replaced every two years, and windshield wiper fluid should be switched to one that is winter-friendly. It would help if you also try to keep your gas tank at least half full at all times to keep fuel lines from freezing.

Prepare For Any Emergencies

Having an emergency kit in your Volkswagen vehicle, especially during the winter months, can help you if something goes wrong while you are on the road. You should have a first aid kit, road salt, matches, and jumper cables. Cars are more prone to issues during the winter, so it's good to be prepared for any situation. Try to keep you and your car safe while out and about.

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