What Is Wrong With My Car’s Transmission?

What Is Wrong With My Car’s Transmission?

A transmission is the component of the vehicle that transmits the power from the engine to drive the wheels. Transmissions help to change the gears of the car in order to achieve different speeds and torque. When a vehicle's transmission is in a higher gear, the car can go faster but will have less torque and acceleration ability. In a lower gear, the car will have more torque and can accelerate more easily. The transmission is responsible for finding the balance between speed and torque.

A broken or damaged transmission can cause a variety of problems, ranging from the car not being able to move at all to only moving at certain speeds or in certain gears. Faulty transmissions can also cause the vehicle’s engine to rev up excessively or stall completely. Symptoms of a broken or damaged transmission include difficulty shifting gears, grinding when shifting gears, transmission fluid leaks, strange noises, and more. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most common transmission issues and their causes! If you need transmission repair services in Northeastern Massachusetts, contact our team at German AutoSport today!

Dirty or Low Transmission Fluid  

One of the most common causes of a transmission acting up is that the transmission fluid in the vehicle is dirty or at low levels. Transmission fluid serves different purposes in manual & automatic cars. For manual transmissions, the transmission fluid is used to lubricate the gears and prevent grinding. For automatic transmissions, the transmission fluid is used to create hydraulic pressure that powers movement within the transmission. If the transmission fluid in your vehicle is low or contains debris, your transmission can overheat or cause serious damage to the gears.

Worn Out Gear Synchronizers  

Gear synchronizers are a component in manual transmissions that make the gear you are about to shift into spin at the same speed as the gear you are shifting from. Gear synchronizers are essential for smooth shifting between gears. If your gear synchronizers are worn out or damaged, they can eventually cause your transmission to break down.

Worn Out Clutch 

For manual vehicles, a worn out clutch is one of the most common transmission problems. Your clutch can be worn down due to mechanical or human errors. In order to keep your clutch in good shape, you should be sure that you aren’t frequently shifting through the gears without releasing your foot from the clutch. You can also bring your vehicle in for yearly maintenance to make sure that your clutch is in good condition and there are no mechanical issues happening. If your clutch has been worn down or damaged, you may need a clutch replacement.

Failed Needle Roller Bearings

Needle bearings help prevent gears in the torque converter from grinding in automatic transmissions. If your vehicle’s needle bearings are worn out or grinding, you may hear grinding noises coming from your transmission when your car is moving. Having functional need bearings is essential for keeping the gears in your transmission in good shape.

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