Tips for Spring Car Care

bmw winter spring

Spring is here, and in New England that means it’s the beginning of some of the best driving we have year round. But before your car is ready for spring, you might want to consider how winter might’ve affected it. Winters can be tough on cars and it’s not uncommon for car owners to use the springtime to do a proper check up and assess any elements that might need detailing or just some TLC.

Alignment & Suspension

Snow, sleet, rocky terrain, potholes and even speedbumps can misalign your vehicle's suspension, and the colder weather doesn’t help either. If you are having someone do a check up on your vehicle this spring, the suspension is always a great thing to check, especially if you are noticing that it’s too tight or too loose, you feel it pulling to one side, or you hear unusual creaking noises.

Interior Detailing

Winter can also be tough on the interior of your car, especially if you have been keeping a lot of extra items that take up space and cause excess dust and dirt to build up. This can cause your upholstery and other parts of your interior to get worn down. Doing a full cleanout of the vehicle can feel great and give you a chance to show more TLC to the interior of your car.

Check Your Tire Pressure

As you probably already know, in colder temperatures gas particles increase in density and lose volume, and in warmer temperatures they expand and increase in volume. If you were on top of your tire’s air pressure all winter, you’ll want to do the same when the warmer weather comes. If it gets hot enough, the air pressure in your tires can get too high and you can lose some of the traction to the road if your tires are overfilled.

Check Around The Vehicle

Don’t be afraid to go for a deep clean on the car’s exterior. It’s easy for dirt and grime to build up in the winter, especially if you’re doing a lot of highway driving. Also make sure to visit a car wash that hits the underside of the vehicle as that is where rust can develop from snow and ice during the winter. Wiper blades and headlights are also areas where grime can build up and cause problems with visibility.