Signs That Your Car May Need Suspension Repair

Signs That Your Car May Need Suspension Repair

Your car's suspension keeps the ride smooth and is part of what keeps you and your family safe when driving. The more you drive your vehicle, the more pressure is put on the car's suspension system, especially if you often drive on rough roads. Getting your suspension checked and keeping it in good shape will keep your vehicle riding smoothly for years to come. German AutoSport provides suspension repairs and other vehicle maintenance & repair services in Northeastern Massachusetts! Contact us today to learn more!

Signs That Your Car's Suspension Needs Repair

If you wait until your car's suspension is totally shot to get it checked or fixed, you could be stuck with an expensive repair. If you notice any signs that your suspension might be wearing out, you should see a mechanic as soon as possible!

Rough Rides

One of the primary functions of a vehicle's suspension system is to provide the driver and passengers with a smooth ride. If you've noticed that you can feel every bump on gravel, dirt, or unpaved roads, it's likely a sign that your suspension needs to be checked out by a professional.  

Drifting When Turning

Another sign that your car's suspension isn't operating the way it should be is that the car has started drifting or pulling when you make a turn. With a suspension system that is in good shape, you should have no challenges controlling your vehicle.

Slow Stopping

If you've noticed that your car seems to be taking longer to come to a stop or is doing nose-dives when you hit the brakes, your suspension system could be the culprit. Not being able to stop suddenly could lead to an accident, so you should make sure to get the suspension checked if you are having a hard time stopping the car quickly. 

Greasy Shocks 

The shocks and struts are part of the suspension system and often leak fluid when they are wearing out or need repair. If you notice that fluids are leaking from under your car into the driveway or spot where you park, it may be time to get your suspension checked out.  

Uneven Wear On Tires

If you or your mechanic has noticed uneven wear on the tread of your tires, your suspension could be at fault. As the suspension begins to fail, it can no longer hold the car's weight evenly, causing uneven tread and bald spots on the tires.

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