Preventative Maintenance Tips for the Changing Seasons

Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. Is your car ready for the changing seasons? Maintaining your vehicle year-round is vital to its overall health and wellness. If you are looking for some ways to keep your car in-shape, German AutoSport can help. Here are some preventative maintenance tips as we get closer to spring 2021:

Check Your Tires

Tires change when the seasons do! If you have snow tires on your car, it's almost time to switch them out for standard tires. If you need an alignment or tire rotation, winter going into spring is a great time to get that done. Tire treads wear down, and your car will benefit from proper tire maintenance. 

Get an Oil Change

Have you been putting off your oil change during the winter months? Get it done now! Your car will thank you. The spring and summer can cause a buildup of dust and debris in your car due to rain, bugs, and other environmental factors. Your oil can end up being dirty, and the summer heat can cause the fluids in your vehicle to deplete faster. Your car's oil will become sticky and clumpy if you don't get an oil change when needed!

Brake Inspection

When you drive on snow and ice, your brake's stopping power ends up lessening. Any seasonal change in the year is a good time for a brake inspection. You should also look into having your brake pads changed if you haven't done that in a while. Winter can take a toll on your brakes, especially here in New England! Make sure they are good to go for the spring and summer seasons.

Check Your Air Conditioning

Before it gets too warm outside, make sure your air conditioning is in order! You don't want to drive around in a hot car. The mechanic will do a visual check of the AC and make sure there are no leaks or problems with the vents and fluids. They will make sure your car is ready to have the AC blasting!


If you are unsure which part of your car needs the most work, a tune-up is a great option. The autobody will note any issues they see and make sure you drive away safely and ready for the warmer months ahead!

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