The 4 Most Common Repairs for Porsches

You can spend quite a fortune on luxury cars like Porsche, but unfortunately, you’ll still be faced with the expenses that can come along with the car. Like every car owner, you have to bear the brunt of repairs for your Porsche. Around the world, the reputation of the Porsche manufacturing Company is revered. You may ask, why are we talking about repairs for such cars? Well, it is a “machine” and machines break down. Here, we have compiled the common repair issues you are most likely to encounter as a Porsche car owner.
Engine problem
It is never a good feeling seeing excessive engine smoke from your Porsche 911 or the Boxter. The fault may not directly be from the engine. Instead, it may come from excessive overfill of oil. Oil overfill is always common with shops that do not have competent and experienced Porsche technicians. The oil capacity for the Porsche car is higher than most performance vehicles; therefore, it must be adequately filled. A faulty oil separator can also lead to excessive engine smoke in your Porsche car. When you start seeing a puff of smoke from the exhaust pipe of your 996 or 986, you should seek the services of an experienced Porsche mechanic.

Faulty Transmission

When there is a problem in getting your Porsche into gear on your manual transmission, you probably have worn synchros. Ensure you service the transmission at regular intervals to avoid such occurrences. The Porsche Automatic transmissions are serviceable, but you must employ the right Porsche equipment with the proper Porsche transmission fluid. Most people have the misconception that modern Porsche car comes with unserviceable transmissions.

Cooling System

If there is a leaking coolant fault on your Porsche, you may see the coolant dripping onto your garage floor. The most likely reason is the failed seal is located above the center of the car engine right inside the “valley.” It is common to see the coolant distribution pipe resealing feature in Porsche Panamera and Cayenne. You have to ensure your Porsche mechanic checks the cooling system of your car during each routine maintenance check.

Steering and Suspension Repairs

The ABS warning lights on your Porsche can be triggered because the ABS Electronic Module has failed. It is a very common fault in Porsche cars and can be replaced, or in some cases, you can have it rebuilt. Constant Velocity (CV) joints can cause wear and tear as the engine puts more demand on the strength of the CV joint. Always check the grease boots for any tears or cracks.

Contact German AutoSport for Porsche Repairs

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