How to Preserve Your Car’s Engine

The heart of your vehicle is the engine. It's what keeps it alive! It is crucial to make sure it is always running correctly. Otherwise, you won't be driving too far. Having proper and regular maintenance on your engine will also keep it from overheating. Make sure you and your car are safe on the road. Here are some tips for preserving your car's engine:

Keep it Clean

Your engine does the most work in your car. Keeping it clean from grime, dust, and debris will keep it healthy. As time passes, the filters can become blocked, and dirt, leaves, and bugs will find their way into your car. Grease that coats your engine can end up trapping heat, making the engine hard to cool off correctly. The experts at German AutoSport will use or recommend a degreaser to clean your car and use a vacuum to get out the dust and debris. If you start smelling anything strange or hear weird noises coming from your engine, bring it in right away. 


Since there are many moving parts in your engine, having it adequately lubricated can help immensely. Friction can happen from all the moving parts, which can cause damage. Making sure there is lubrication in your engine will keep it safe. If your engine has gone too long without enough lubrication, there can be some permanent damage that requires certain parts to be replaced. 

Spark Plug

Cleaning your spark plug can keep grime and dirt out of the combustion chamber. The autobody will remove the plug lead and clean around it and clean inside the plug as well. Even though this is a small task, it can significantly improve the functionality of your engine. 

Oil Change

Even though an oil change is so simple, many car owners put it off until the very last minute. Getting an oil change can have your engine running smoother. Oil gets sticky, cloudy, and dirty if it isn't changed when needed. New oil will help your car get the most of its lubrication. Ensure you are getting it checked every six months or 10,000 miles so that your vehicle stays in good shape on the road. If you ever think there is a problem with your engine, bring it to German AutoSport!

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