Everything You Need To Know About Tire Alignment

Tire alignment is an essential maintenance practice to increase tire performance and longevity. Alignment can also improve your vehicle's handling and stop it from swerving or trembling while driving. German AutoSport provides tire alignment and other maintenance services in northeastern Massachusetts! Contact us today or continue reading below to learn more about tire alignment! 

Tire Alignment Maintenance

Tire alignment, or wheel alignment, is the process of adjusting a vehicle's suspension system. This is not a rim or tire replacement method, but instead modifies the tires' contact angles with the road to ensure optimal alignment. Tire alignment maintenance is necessary when your tires have uneven tread or wear, your car is automatically pulling one way or another when driving, your steering wheel is off-center when you're driving straight, or your steering wheel is uncharacteristically vibrating. If you've noticed any of these "symptoms" when driving, you should have your vehicle looked at, as a tire alignment is likely necessary.

How Tire Alignment Works

When you have your vehicle's tires aligned, your mechanic will be focusing on a few different elements" camber, toe, & caster:


Camber is the tire's inward or outward angle as viewed from the front of the car. Negative or positive camber (inward or outward tilt) indicates misalignment and requires adjustment. This misalignment of the camber is caused by components of the wheel suspension being worn out. 


Toe alignment refers to how your tires are positioned inward or outward when you're looking at them from above the vehicle. Toe-in alignment happens when all of your car's tires point inward in the same direction. Toe-out alignment is when each tire is pointed outward. Both toe-in and toe-out alignment require adjusting!


Caster angle is the alignment of your tires when viewed from the side of your vehicle. Correct caster alignment balances steering, stability, and cornering when driving your car. When picturing the front left tire, a positive caster means that the steering axis is tilted toward the driver, while a negative caster means that the steering access is tilted toward the front of the vehicle. 

Why Is Tire Alignment Important? 

Misaligned wheels and tires can cause uneven and premature tire wear. Apart from avoiding tire wear, wheel alignment can improve your vehicle's overall performance. Misaligned vehicles tend to drift to one side or steer unpredictably. Tire alignment is an important maintenance service for any healthy vehicle!

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