The Most Common BMW Repairs & Maintenance

Founded in 1916, BMW is one of the top carmakers in the world. With millions of vehicles on the road today, BMW has consistently aimed for safety, style, performance, and comfort to bring the best ride to their drivers. However, like any other working vehicle, a BMW will experience some regular wear and tear that could later lead to a need for repairs. Here are the three most common repairs and maintenance for BMWs.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are a relatively common issue regardless of the type of car you drive. An oil leak is relatively easy to identify just by looking under the vehicle. Check your driveway each morning when you leave for the day. If you see oil pooling under your car, there's likely a leak somewhere. Generally, an oil leak will be caused by some degradation of engine components, like the valve cover gasket. There might also be a bad connection or a loose seal somewhere that is allowing the oil to drip.

Engine Overheating

The engine cooling system in any car is a part of the vehicle that faces immense pressure every day. A car engine generates lots of heat while on, so to avoid undue damage to the car, a cooling system must be used to keep the temperatures down. Generally, a liquid coolant is run through passages to lower the heat in the engine. If the cooling system isn't working correctly, the vehicle can quickly overheat, so if you experience overheating in your BMW, it is most likely due to a system failure. A broken water pump or a bad seal could lead to leaking. You'll want to check in with a professional if your BMW is consistently overheating.


When you're driving on the highway or at high speeds, your ride in the BMW should remain smooth, thanks to high-quality engineering. However, some BMW owners, especially drivers of the 3 series, might encounter some underfloor or steering wheel vibrations As they come to a stop. These types of vibrations during braking could indicate an issue with the thrush arm bushings. As part of the suspension system, they are responsible for keeping your acceleration and breaking smooth. Some of them start to need attention around 75,000 miles, but you should have them looked at if you experience shaking.  

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