Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

Having a wheel alignment will help with your vehicle's performance and prolong the life of your tires. Many car owners are unsure of when they need an alignment, which can end up hurting their vehicle. Make sure you are safe on the road by ensuring your car has a proper alignment. The most important part of knowing when to get an alignment is by listening to your vehicle. Here are some warning signs to look for to see if you need an alignment:

Tire Wear That Isn't Even

You won't know your tires are worn down unless you take a good look at them. When you look at your front tires, it's important to see if they are even. You should check the back tires as well. If they all look the same, your car is most likely aligned, but if they aren't, you should bring your vehicle in to get checked. They will know how to fix it!

Vibrating Steering Wheel

Having a vibrating steering wheel will be one of the most noticeable ways to tell you need an alignment! It is a sign of having an unbalanced tire or two. The vibration that you feel is your tires pulling away from each other in different directions. Leaving this issue to sit and not be corrected can cause further damage to your car, so be sure to act fast.

Steering Wheel is Crooked or Loose

Is your steering wheel off-center? That could be a sign of needing an alignment! When you let go of your steering wheel, does it move by itself? Get your car checked out! A loose steering wheel can mean the same thing. If it feels loose and your vehicle starts to wander around on the road, your alignment may be off. 

Car Pulling in One Direction

Having your car pull in one direction sharply might mean your tires need some air. But if your tires have enough air in them, there might be another problem. This can end up being a danger to you and your car. Keep yourself safe on the road and bring your car to get checked for alignment issues if you notice this. 

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