What You Need to Know About Tire Rotation

Posted on May 20, 2020 by mike As a car owner, it’s your responsibility to keep up with routine maintenance and repairs that keep the vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. A vehicle is a complex machine with many different components and ensuring that they’re all being maintained regularly is crucial for the lifespan of the vehicle and even more importantly, your safety. One of the common car services we hear about is tire rotation. If you’re not familiar with this term, it refers to repositioning your tires from front to back or side to side. This helps to keep your tires wearing events, and is also important for safety. If you’re unsure about what tire rotation is, why it’s necessary, and how often it should be done, we’re here to help answer some of these questions! Keep reading to learn more about the facts behind tire rotation.

When Should You Have Your Tires Rotated

Rotating your tires is something that should be done periodically, and it’s best to follow the guidelines provided by your vehicle manufacturer. As a general rule of thumb, approximately every 5,000-8,000 miles or six months, which also be when your vehicle is due for an oil change. If you’re unsure about when it’s time for your vehicle to have its tires rotated, consult with an experienced mechanic, and use your owner’s manual as a resource.

Why is Tire Rotation Necessary

Having your tires rotated is important for a variety of reasons. By rotating your tires routinely, the wear is spread evenly across all 4 tires, which can help to extend their lifespan. Each position on your vehicle requires a different give from each tire, which can lead to uneven wear. For example, your front wheels will take a larger part of the friction needed for turning, accelerating, and breaking (3 of the main functions of a vehicle). When you rotate them, it can also help to keep the tread depth on your tires uniform. This helps to keep the traction and handling consistent across your tires, which is important for braking performance and safer driving.

What are the Different Tire Rotation Patterns

There are several different tire rotations patterns that can be utilized; The rearward cross, x pattern, or forward cross. Choosing which method is best for your vehicle will depend on a few different factors. You’ll need to consider the type of tires you’re using, whether your vehicle is four-wheel, rear, front, or all-wheel drive, and whether your tires are directional or non-directional. An experienced technician will be able to explain the different patterns to you, and which would be most beneficial for your vehicle.

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