Many auto owners find themselves in their cars more often in the summer than any other season due to vacations. After putting additional mileage on your car throughout the summer, it is important to take some proactive steps to keep your car in good condition to avoid expensive repairs down the line.

Check Your Tires

If there’s one thing that should be on your monthly to-do list, it’s checking your tire pressure – especially in the summertime. Tire pressure is crucial to helping your car maintain traction on the road. The summer is when many of us are taking extra road trips and vacations, putting extra mileage on those tires. This makes it is even more crucial to check the tire pressure in the summer months. Tire pressure can also help you boost fuel efficiency when properly maintained – so that incentive may be a way to help you keep on top of checking it.

Inspect the Battery

While battery issues are more common in the winter, they can happen in the summer, too. This is because the heat can cause your battery’s fluid to evaporate faster, which can make it more difficult for your battery to hold a charge. Check your battery for fluid levels, leaks, cracks, or any potential problems from corrosion or rust. If you’re not sure what to look for, it’s best to have this done by a professional.

Monitor the Cooling System

In addition to taking a toll on your battery fluid, the summer sun and heat can also reduce the amount of coolant in your system. Coolant is what keeps your radiator functioning properly, so you’ll want to make sure you are regularly checking coolant levels, leaks, and cracks.

Clean Your Car

Getting the car cleaned can feel more like something you’d like to do instead of a must-do. Although that may be true for the interior, there are some important benefits to cleaning the outside. One of the main spots you’ll want to pay attention to is the undercarriage. If dirt has built up under your car, it can cause your transmission or engine to overheat. Cleaning your car often helps to protect it from further damage.

Check Your Paint

Once your car is clean, inspect your car paint. Car paint protects your car from corrosion and the summer heat can cause cracks or other damage.

Schedule a Service at German AutoSport

Doing these, and other seasonal car care tasks can extend the life of your vehicle. If your car does need to be seen, contact German AutoSport. We specialize in auto repairs and maintenance for vehicles including BWM, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen and beyond. Give us a call today at (978) 388-1288 to schedule a service!