How Do You Know if Your Vehicle Needs New Brakes?

One of the greatest fears of drivers is the sudden loss of braking power. However, it’s also one part of the vehicle that we overlook – until there is a problem. Fortunately, there are a few ways to tell if your car’s breaks are going to need a checkup soon. Keep reading for ways to know if your vehicle needs new brakes.

Listen Well

Usually, the first sign of your brakes going is the presence of a new sound coming from the car. This sound could range from a low humming to a high pitched screech, depending on what the actual issue with the brakes is. Pay attention to these sounds by occasionally listening when you come to a stop. Turn the radio and air conditioner off to eliminate any noise coverage as you pull to a stop at a red light or stop sign. If there is any strange sound, like grinding, whining, or growling, you might want to inspect your brake pads.

Have a Look

If you hear a suspicious sound coming out when you break, it’s time to get out and look at your brake pads. To do this, you’ll look through the spaces in the wheel’s spokes to find the pads. The outside pad should be at least a quarter-inch thick. Anything less than that means some severe wear and tear that needs to be taken care of. A professional inspection could help if you aren’t confident in identifying a worn-out brake pad.

Steering Problems

As you apply light pressure onto the brake pedal, pay close attention to how the vehicle reacts. If you notice it pulling to one side as you decelerate, this could be a sign that brake linings have worn out unevenly. It could also mean that dirt, debris, or other foreign substance has gotten into the brake fluid. A professional brake adjustment or fluid replacement can help solve this brake issue.


When you press down on the brake pedal to slow, the movement should be slow and steady. If you feel a strange vibration from the pedal as you put your foot down, this could indicate a warped rotor. A warped rotor can occur after heavy use of the brake pedal. Situations that can cause this are heavy traffic jams, towing another vehicle, or driving down steep mountain roads. All of the friction from constant braking can generate heat and warping in the rotors. If you sense vibrations during braking, take your vehicle to a mechanic for inspection and repair.

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