Everything to Know About Snow Tires

We are in the dead of winter, and snow could easily be right around the corner! Is your car prepared? Snow tires can help out you and your car tremendously while driving through icy roads. If you don't currently have snow tires on your vehicle, you should consider purchasing some to help you out in the winter months. Here are some important facts to know about using snow tires:

Should I Get Snow Tires?

Do you drive to New Hampshire or Maine to ski? Or does your car slip and slide in your neighborhood every time it snows? Since we are in the colder New England climate with sometimes crazy weather conditions, snow tires are recommended for drivers in this area. Snow tires are an investment, but choosing to purchase them can help your standard tires last longer. 

When Should I Switch My Standard Tires For Snow Tires?

Many car owners choose to switch their tires around Thanksgiving, but with the unexpected snow we are capable of getting, some change them over earlier. Snow tires can help on cold roads in general, so don't overthink putting them on before it first snows. 

How Should I Care For My Snow Tires?

To keep your snow tires in good shape, you should make sure you are putting the proper amount of air in them when needed. This can help prevent extreme wear and tear and allow you to be able to use these tires for a few years. Cold weather in general causes tire pressure to decrease, so make sure you know your tires' limits. In the end, keeping up with the care of your snow tires will save you money. When the winter season is done and you switch back to your regular tires, be sure to keep your snow tires in a dry and clean place to keep them in pristine condition.

How Many Snow Seasons Can My Snow Tires Last?

Just looking at your snow tires won't allow you to tell if they are worn down too much. They can lose their effectiveness when they are unable to grip the ground. Don't use snow tires too long past the winter months because you'll end up having to get new ones sooner than you think! If you use them efficiently, you can get between four or five winters with one set of snow tires.

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